You’ve been writing code for years (possibly longer) and have been promoted to Software Development Manager (or all its variants of Senior, Engineering, Program, etc). Whatever your title, you are responsible for a team of developers that look to you for guidance and direction.

How you got the role isn’t…

There is a lot of guidance out there about everything you need to be doing as a remote leader. And a good portion of that is good. …

The perfect process doesn’t exist — never has, never will — I haven’t tried them all, but I’ve tried enough to know that trying to apply a cookie-cutter, factory-driven process to a creatively driven, unique endeavor never works.

You can’t structure the delivery of art (that’s why it’s called art).

You might have heard the myth that once you become a Manager, you must stop coding.

That everything you have invested over the past how many years of your career — you no longer need to do or rather you shouldn’t do — because you don’t have time for it…

Sprint Capacity is one of those things that everyone says we should be doing, we start off doing it, then a few months later someone asks about it and we forget that stopped doing it.

I’ve run many a sprint where we would start off asking everyone what their capacity…

Clearing roadblocks, people management, mentoring and always learning

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Whether it’s a defined role in your team or someone who is simply your best developer person on the team, we all need strong Technical Leads to get the job done. …

Four tips to become a great junior developer

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Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in that junior developer role for a while, knowing what to do isn’t always a straightforward proposition.

Everyone thinks you can do “stuff”, but really, you’re learning how to do “stuff” before you can do the “stuff” that they want to be…

The best team is the team that can operate without a Leader.

Not because they don’t have a Leader, but because they are all leaders.

They don’t attend all meetings and contribute to every single decision, but they have their areas where they lead and own.

This sounds great in…

Team debt reduction, delivery, quality, growth, and more

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As a software development manager, there are metrics associated with how you manage and lead your team.

There are some that are easily recognizable and others that make us think — how will I measure that? …

While writing The Anatomy of a Task, I began coming up with a number of points as to the primary consumer of any task that a developer creates.

Their Manager.

Your Manager is the biggest consumer of your task and the work your layout to be built. They are the…

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Software Architect, Developer, Author and Leader helping organizations build scalable software delivery teams and implement cloud-based solutions

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