If there is one activity that you should always be revisiting with your team, it’s their purpose.

Even now, especially now, with your team disrupted, it's a great opportunity to take 15 minutes and think about what your team’s purpose is and how they are executing towards that vision.


No amount of auto-transcription, quick-enable call-recording, lengthy templates, or wide-screen camera viewing angles are going to make your meetings any better than they are today.

They might give them a needed shot of adrenaline and make people go — “okay, wow, this is great” — but they aren’t going to…

If you’re looking for a great way to see how your intermediate developer is doing with these new responsibilities, watch how they explain things

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When I started out in software, I knew I did not like the title of being called a junior developer (programmer). Never in my life had I been called junior and I didn’t want to start now (even though I was very young).

I had invested tons of time in…

There comes a point when delivering a training session or a workshop where the person running the session looks out at the people they are talking to (or the screens that are looking back at them) and asks themselves one simple question.

Are they getting it?

Whether they are a…

At the end of each sprint, I try to take a few minutes and think about what we delivered and accomplished.

Did we take on too much?

Did we not take on enough?

Did we have too many context switches?

Were there too many distractions that held us back?


This is the Number One question that every developer, architect, team lead, tech lead, manager, director, VP of Engineering (keep inserting any and all titles ) of those that are responsible for shipping a release are asked on a daily or weekly basis.

Even if you are not the one…

Greg Thomas

Software Architect, Developer, Author and Leader helping organizations build scalable software delivery teams and implement cloud-based solutions

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