Getting Past the Hiring Problem

Think of the Interview as a First Date

Interviews are like the first date you’ve ever had. It’s a dance that starts off awkward in a small period of time where you hope you’ve shown the best of each other and can lead to a second date. We’ve all been on first dates, we all know what it’s like. It’s hand-wringing, it takes times, trust has to be established all in the search for that perfect match.

The Process is Broken

In an effort to get as many people through the doors as possible so you can see as many people as possible we forget what we are trying to achieve — higher great people who impress us with their creativity, intelligence and overall being a good person.

  1. How can we help you grow?

How do you evaluate their technical chops?

However you want, but when evaluating new hires, this is the last step in the process. Coding can be taught, coding can be learned — but everything before this is about finding the best people and bringing them into your family.



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Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas

Software Architect, Developer, Author and Leader helping organizations build scalable software delivery teams and implement cloud-based solutions