Leaders Want Feedback

Greg Thomas


Leaders want feedback on how they are doing all the time. They don’t need validation of what they are implementing, they know when something is working and don’t need the pat on the back for doing a great job.

They Always Ask for It

Instead, they want to know how to make it better, how to grow it, how to scale it, and how to improve it — they want and need feedback to be able to accomplish it.

If you’re not asking for feedback, you’re not leading and you’re not growing. Asking for feedback isn’t always easy, especially when you know you’re doing a “meh” job but you don’t know how to make it better. Not everyone will ask for input because not everyone can stand to hear — “Where you started on this, you should have done it completely differently” — and realize that means everything else that followed was wrong.

Leaders can take that hit and grow.

It Makes Them Whole

When Leaders are not asking for feedback, they feel empty, they feel like something is wrong, some part of them is screaming out — “This isn’t right, we know we missed something and no one is telling us”. But when they get it, even knowing what they need to change, that’s when they feel whole, when they feel together again.

Getting feedback gives you direction, purpose, and the opportunity to do something again differently, the opportunity to grow and develop in a way you never thought possible.

It’s not the same as validation, there is no growth.

It Spurns Infinite Growth

When you’re constantly getting feedback, your mind is constantly opening up to new possibilities all around you. It’s not only the feedback you’re interpreting at that time, but your own ideas added to it that is helping you grow. That is the power of great feedback, that is how it spurns you to do more, to think more, to shift your approach, and to come up with something different.

I haven’t gone into the ways to get and receive feedback, the first part is knowing that you need it, and accepting how it will help you grow and develop. Many struggle with that first step, validation is easier, and validation makes you feel good — but no one ever grew from a pat on your back and validation — they grew from taking feedback and doing something with it.

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Greg Thomas

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