Reinventing your Status Meeting

Greg Thomas
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

The Weekly Status Meeting is the most dreaded meeting of all — simply because it’s not much of a meeting but more of a get-together and a conversation gathering.

Regardless of the meeting, there is always someone doing something else, too busy to be there, too much going on, they are only here to listen, etc, etc. the list goes on that devalues a meeting which should in theory have mass prominence in your group.

If meetings are purposed around solving a problem then we need to start with the problem we are trying to solve.

What’s the goal?

What’s the purpose of your status meeting?

Why does everyone need to be there?

What do they need to come prepared with?

What do you need to pull out of your team to fill in the blanks of what you already know?

If you’ve never asked yourself these questions then you’re along for the ride like everyone else. At the very least you should be asking yourself these questions because these in turn will dictate how you approach the meeting with your team.

Purpose: I already know what you’re doing, I need to hear about what I don’t know from my team.



Greg Thomas

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