Rework Remote Work

Greg Thomas


I had such a great time when we were running with the Remotely Prepared Podcast. We were learning so much from so many people, it felt like anything was possible and where we were was the launchpad to make remote work get that much better.

Instead, it feels like the last few years we’ve taken these huge leaps backward in time to before we even did it, throughout all of our lessons learned, and are back to the old ways of doing things remotely.

We’ve forgotten what made it great (or maybe we need to relearn or refigure it out), but whichever the case — it’s not going anywhere, and if it isn’t going anywhere — shouldn’t we try to make it better?

Engage your “Give a Care” Factor

I get a lot of “Well that’s just the way it is now” and that’s where this one needs to hit home. You don’t have to have part of your team or workforce working remotely, but if you’re going to have them working remotely, you need to take a deep breath and engage your “Give a Care” Factor to figure out what can and can’t work for you.

It’s fine to not have a Remote Work Strategy, but if you do, it’s got to be more than monitors, standing desks, and extra Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet licenses. I’m always here — “Well what’s the benefit?” — and that’s exactly what I’m talking about, if you don’t know what the benefit is, why are you doing it?

None of this is easy, but it starts with wanting to have a Remote Work policy that works for your team and makes in invaluable.

What Is/Isn’t Working?

Here’s the check that no one wants to do — what is working and what isn’t. The latter will probably be a bigger list, good, this is what it should be.

But if you’re going to get to these answers, don’t do a survey. Don’t put together 50 questions ranging from 1–5 that don’t do anything but give you peg counts. Ask open-ended questions, get them in a room, talk to them, get their feedback, host a SLACK channel or something.

I would not ask people to come into the office to discuss (kind of defeats the purpose) but you must engage with them.

This is probably starting to sound like a full-time gig, that’s kind of the idea, it should. Running productive…



Greg Thomas

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